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Welcome to Policy Informatics Network!

The Policy Informatics Network (PIN) is a year long effort to cultivate a new community of inquiry and practice (CoIP) within the public policy research and management area. One of the goals is to help forge and promote tighter linkages between various communities (such as complexity scholars or modelers) and main line public policy researchers. This effort partially grew out of the 2011 APPAM Research Conference, but was well on its way with several events and activities. At the APPAM fall conference, over 70 researchers and practitioners brought new energy through a vibrant set of conference panels, symposium, and workshops organized around the dual themes of complexity and computation in the public policy process.

What Is Policy Informatics?

Policy informatics is "an umbrella construct that features the use of information technologies and computational modeling (such as agent-based, system dynamics, data visualization or social network modeling) to inform policy analysis, management, and decision making. It pays particular attention to the study of organizations and their management through gaining an understanding of the information flows within an organization or society including defining what is relevant information and how is it used."

PIN-L (Listserv)

This website offers a single location for interested colleagues to gather, to share news, events, and opportunities. It's a modest effort and open to community building. Therefore, if you would like to post information, have an interesting event you'd like to share, or resource, or question, you can send an email to the PIN-L Listserv. The moderators of the Listserv will populate the website with events, opportunities, and other interesting things based on sources provided and of our own finding.

You can sign up easily for the Policy Informatics Network Listserv (PIN-L) by sending a blank email to PIN-L-SUBSCRIBE-REQUEST@LISTSERV.ALBANY.EDU